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Beggars sitting under a bridge with cups have money.

Did you know?

One in ten South Africans go hungry everyday. As a result malnutrition levels and access to food.
Approximately 11% (6.5million) of South Africa’s population is hungry and food insecure.
Hunger is not a thing of the past. Thousands of mothers and children have suffered a great deal of hunger. Here we are talking about women and children who goes to sleep without having any food in their stomach at all. The sad part about all this is, these people can go days without having anything to nourish on.

The story of a woman who has never done grocery shopping in all her life because of the situation she found herself in. Having to take care of 6 children of which two belongs to her deceased sister, two are schooling at a local primary school in Alexandra and the last two are job haunting alongside with her because she cannot afford to take them to school or have someone take care of them.

A lot of South African’s are facing the very same problem and many don’t have means whatsoever to fend for themselves. Yes, they are food relieve programs and food shelters in fact they are plenty of food in South African but the biggest challenge is access to food distribution and a culture change around Ubuntu.

The solution.
Sometimes it feels degrading o always having to be handed out leftovers as much as it goes a long way.

1. Shopping vouchers
Having a few shopping vouchers with you can cover someone’s meal for that day/night.

2. Having a bag of apples or fruits in your car.
Just like the lady who’s never done grocery in her life is wandering around looking for a job with her two children sometimes those fruits can go a long way.

3. If you have some small job to be done maybe around the house or the yard. Source someone who is less fortunate.

Remember one small act can change someone’s life forever.

If you would love to watch the video of a woman with six children please visit BI Phakathi on facebook.
Please leave a comment on my email or any social media platforms on how we can fight hunger together.

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