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We are going into darkness!!


“In the next 2 weeks, we have been warned, we are going to be plunged into deep darkness” Julius Malema states.

Load shedding has been here for almost 16years and by the look of things, it is going nowhere anytime soon. We don’t know how true the statement made by Julius Malema is but knowing how the drill goes in South Africa, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

When load shedding was introduced in South Africa merely 16years ago, people were ravaged. The fear of going down the same road as Zimbabwe flashed a lot of people.

Deputy President David Mabuza said in September 2020, “Load shedding would be sorted once the Modupi power plant is incorporated into the grid”

He also said the Madupe power station would be completed in 2020, while Kusile will be completed in 2023.

The completion of Kusile has been delayed yet again.

“Until you find an optional solution, the problem remains unsolved and a mystery” – Unknown

It seems like renewable energy is the way to go. A lot of people in South Africa has turned to solar energy resource.

(Solar power is a form of energy harnessed from the power and heat of the sun’s rays. It is renewable and therefore a “green” source of energy)

Many South African has resorted to this new reformed source to keep their houses, businesses and side hustle running. Gone are the days where one is feeding from the hands of the government.

Is time we take ownership of our own future and we see more and more communities making a stand in turning things around where they are.

Help yourself South Africa.