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Protecting Children From Violence In Schools

Fatlhoga Child Care Centre

Every Child Has The Right To Go To School And Learn, Free From Fear.

As we continue to celebrate this children and Youth month, we would like to wave awareness on the violence and gang culture around children and young people in schools.

When schools provide quality, inclusive and safe education, children can learn, build friendships and gain critical skills they need to navigate social situations. In the best circumstances, school puts children on the path to a promising future.

But to many girls and boys in South Africa, are exposed to school violence. Bullying, harassment, verbal abuse, cyberbullying, sexual abuse and exploitation and other many forms of humiliation can come at the hands of peers, teachers or even a school authority. Gangs also play a very crucial role in the school violence, they promote fighting and gang culture.


Gangsterism in schools makes the environment hostile as gang members take their feuds outside and bring them into school, and threaten the lives of teachers and children.


Violence in schools can have serious effects on children’s psychological and physical health.

Children who subjected to violence may experience physical injury, sexually transmitted infection, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and suicidal thoughts.

Violence in and around schools can be deadly. Be kind to one another and save more lives.