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We are tearing apart as a country, and the society wants to blame it on irrelevant things.

Nothing is going right, every corner you turn to people are bleeding, both externally and internally.

I grew up being told continuously that a boy child needs his father in his life and I always had a problem to why is it only a boy who needs a father figure in his life, obviously not taking away from the birth right of a boy child.

Men and woman are falling in the same trap of scared emotions and they are passing these to their children, because believe it or not absent fathers don’t only affect the present but they affect generations after.

I work as an extra class teacher at a Day Care Centre as a side hustle and often I’ve realised that whatever these kids do, they are taught at home. Some of them are very abusive and handles every conflict with violence. As I try to understand what happened I have to be very attentive to the child so I can get a picture of his background and often I’ve found that the mother might be a single mother and the frustration of raising a child on her own is to much. So she takes it out on the child

And often times these children grow up to be very angry at the world and everything on it. Not only does men turn to be abusive but women too.

Have you ever had of man crying about the abuse his wife or girlfriend puts him through? These are incidents that happens every single day in South Africa.

Abuse has turned to be a way to solve problems and people are not looking for the root of the problem rather we take things on surface value.

children are crying in their bedrooms each and every night and we are being ignorant about the fact that we are exposing them to violence and we are doing a great job at traumatizing them as well.

Teenagers are dating men old enough to be their fathers because they want validation of a man who is a ghost.

Young adults are struggling to find themselves, their true identity because they have a void inside their lives of absent fathers.

As for our parents, they are a lost cause. They have lost a sense of relaxation, ever since the father has left everything has become a rush. Juggling in-betweens jobs and trying to make everything work. The sad part about all this, is a child is left to raise himself/herself in this cruel world.

Do not let your child become the next addict, the next rapist, the next abuser regardless of their gender. The mentality that only a man is cable should die.

If by any chance you are a “I ran-away father” please go back not to the relationship or marriage but go back to the child. Divorce but do not divorce your children. Do not be the one to add to the stats of fatherless children in South Africa.

Important contacts:

+27 607949882(GBV CONTACTS)

+27 437221382 (CHILDLINE)