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Mandela Month


July is a very important month to the South African people. The Birthday Month of our very own iconic hero Rolihlahla Nelson Mandela.

As Privilege Foundation we dedicate this week blog to uTata mainly because he had a heart for all children over the world.

Nelson Mandela has always been passionate about children even after he got realesed 27years later he came back and still preached fighting for all the children of SA.

South African’s children shall play in the open veld, no longer tortured by hunger or disease or threatened with abuse. Children are our greatest treasure”

-Nelson Mandela

During his ruling years, he donated half his salary to poor children and when he got the Noble Peace Prize he gave part of the prize money to help street children.

Nelson Mandela was for children, and where ever he went he made sure children were treated with fairness. In one of his interview he said, “ whenever I’m with vibrant young people, I feel like a recharged battery.”

-Nelson Mandela


The world’s Prize

Annika Forsberg Langa