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Is the environment you trying to raise your children safe?

Often times I ask myself if the school system is good for our children? Is the environment safe enough for our kids? Are they really equipping our kids with necessary equipment?

I work as an extra-class teacher in the afternoon, I focus on the Primary Kids a lot mainly because I know how fragile they can tend to be not only academically but also emotionally and psychologically.

I have a 12year old amongst the 7 children I teach. A very smart 12year old she is, I must add. The other day as we were going on with our work as usual randomly she asked to talk to me in private. Of which to me it was nothing new because I have created a safe space for them to talk to me about anything and everything.

She then narrated the story about how worried she is about her classmates, and everyone at school as a whole. She took the chance to dwell more on the emotionally abuse they have to deal with on a daily base.

The shocking part was the fact that 75% of time the abuse came from their teachers and not their peers. I myself have experienced being bullied at school but never from a teacher.

And you can imagine how intense bullying from a teacher can be!! Not only is the teacher opening a door for other learners to bully your child but she is also opening a door of doubt.

Self-doubt, low self-esteem, low self-confidence and the list never ends but the most crucial thing is the child taking a decision to no longer pushing as hard as she/he used to push in terms of her/his school work.

His/her dreams have been shut, in the hands of a teacher who was supposed to actually bring hope to the child’s life.

The other day I came across a grade 3 textbook that was demonstrating how a child is made. The images that were used to demonstrate were crucial. I asked myself one question, How could the system allow such thing to happen?

What is your child being taught? What is your child going through when he/she is at school? Do you listen to your child when he/she speaks? Do you ask about how their day was and really, really pay attention? Are you aware of what’s happening around your child’s life?