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5 Months left before the New Year


A day ago I was talking with a close friend of mine about how much our lives have changed in a space of 6months and how a lot of things can happen in a short period of time.
It made realise just how much one needs to reflect every now and then, just to keep in touch with reality. A lot of times we tend to go with the rush of the world and we forget the meaning of living and what it really means to relax.
When was the last time you had time with yourself? Pretty long ago right? At Privilege Foundation we also care about your mental health, we might not be qualified psychologist or anything near that but we do know that a well rested body can give you a lot of benefits.
Benefits like:
• Healthier heart
• Sharper brain function
• Better mood
• Balanced Blood Pressure
• Immune Boost

How to keep your body rested and relaxed:

• Take a warm bath
• Change your diet
• Stretch
• Exercise
• Most importantly get enough sleep

Take this as a token of appreciation from Privilege Foundation to you. Take it easy on yourselves.