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Mothers are our support when we are weak


This month-long celebration aims to raise awareness about women’s struggles for gender equality and their rights. On 9 August 1956 thousands of women marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to protest against legislation aimed at tightening the apartheid government’s control over the movement in urban areas.

Today what the women of 1956 tried to achieve has been achieved, through hard work and enthusiasm and we cannot be any prouder of our CEOs, chemical engineers, pilots and many other women who broke the stereotype of women cannot.

True women who have broken the stereotype does not think they have won the title of being a man in the house, true woman who have broken all sorts of stereotypes knows that importance of being a woman and being submissive. Not forgetting that submission does not mean being a yes woman through all but yielding to another person, especially your life partner.

A woman plays a very important role in a mens life. I like to use the word, woman are the neck to the head. Without the neck the head cannot function properly and without the head the neck can tend to be hopeless. These two need each other to make sure that the part of the body works well.

Women are mothers, sisters, friends and so many other things. And without women the world wouldn’t go round. That I bet.

Happy Women’s Month