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Did you know?

Abortion was prohibited throughout the whole country before legalisation in 1975. The method was only used when the life of mother was at risk.

Now that would have made a lot of sense for many South Africans, but after the legalisation in 1975 a lot of means to make sure that unborn babies aren’t given the same right to live but rather a way to use it as a weapon was obscure to all human life.

This opinion addresses the consequences of using aborted fetal tissue in vaccines and in medical research. Some churches that cannot be named due to confidential rights permits the use of vaccines generated using aborted fetal tissue to protect children from preventable diseases until alternative vaccines are available.

Apart from the shocking findings about abortion. The law of South Africa says a woman of any age can get abortion on request with on reason given if she is less than 12 weeks pregnant. It is also added that minors will be advised to consult their parents BUT IT IS UP TO THE INDIVIDUAL (MINOR) TO DECIDE WHETHER OR NOT TO DO SO.

The very same minors that are not allowed to drink alcohol until they have turned 18 reason being they are under age, are the very same minors that can decide to take huge decision such as aborting on their own.

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