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A Broken School System


Equal education is a myth, fantasy and wishful thinking of the Mandela era.

The consequences of inequality in South Africa schooling environment are profound especially in African

communities and to all government schools in particular.

Talking about inequality in terms of race has always been a “don’t touch” topic in our country, but if you

you are serious about the right of basic education and equal access to the school of excellence for all children

in our nation then you will seek to see a difference in our school system.

I grew up being told that a private school was the best option for me in terms of education then that in a public school.

Public schools are always overcrowded, 40 to 50 children in one classroom on one head. The government expect public teachers to teach a class full of learners but in public schools you will never see that happening. The priority in private schools is 30 learners per class downwards.

My question is easy, why can’t the government be as supportive as they are to semi-private schools and private schools. Can all children be given equal education regardless which institution they are placed in.

Let the government support all education and let inequality end with our generation.