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2024 Election Year

The election momentum has already started throughout the whole country. Every South African citizen is talking about one thing, is ANC going to rule again this coming term? For the first time in 30years, South African citizens and political opposition parties are standing in one accord.
Last year, Six South African opposition parties said they will discuss forming an alliance for this year’s national election in attempt to end the 30-year hold on power of the ANC. The six parties came to the conclusion that forming a united opposition pact ahead of 2024 election will offers us the very best chance to unseat ANC and form an alternative that will provide a stable new government to rescue South Africa
It is said though, under the proposal, the parties would not unite as one party but rather would form a governing coalition If they succeed in gaining a collective majority in the election.
ANC has been ruling since former leader Nelson Mandela was elected president in the first all race elections that ended the apartheid system of white minority rule in 1994. Word around the block is that, ANC has lost a lot of voters during the years and is now only supported by just 45% of voters. With just few months to go before the general elections, which are due to beheld between May and August 2024, it is believed that it’s support could fall below 50%.
Right now the most talked about thing is the reputation of ANC, a divided party with a reputation tarnished by corruption, nepotism, and a poor economic record. Will this be the end of South African beloved party or yet another dawn for them to rule South Africa?
Every single vote will play a very brutal role in our country this year. Let us not fight a losing battle, Let us fight for hope if not for us then for the coming generation.


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