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Children don’t choose to be born in a household with little to no resources or food. Children must eat, learn & play, yet for millions of  South African kids this is a luxury, as their social environment demands daily survival from them.

In 2018 Privilege Foundation was born, with the dream of connecting with communities to support these most vulnerable children in very poor & under resourced areas of our country. Churches, current pre-school facilities, community leaders and local businesses play a vital role in our quest to ensure every child in South Africa will at least enjoy 1 nutritious meal per day.


All that we do at Privilege Foundation is informed by a solid foundation layed on our co-values.

SHARING (Ubuntu)

At Privilage Foundation we strive to live and promote the spirit of Ubuntu, where sharing and helping one another will become a privilege not a burden. We aim to do that through inspiring every citizen to do thier bit in fighting hunger among children and vulnerable groups of our society.

SUPPORT ( Motho Ke Motho Ka Batho)

Our sole mission is to give support to communities and individuals who are taking a steps to make a difference where they are through our community partnership.


We will demonstrate our gratitude as value for many to all our sponsors and partners by display of integrity and transparence. This is the attitude we are committed to live and model with all our beneficiaries.


A daily small deeds of kindness is all it takes to change a Nation, we aim to model the courage of taking the first step in bringing change where ever we are involved to inspire communities and ignite Hope


Sweet success belongs to those those who are willing to go extra mile, this is our philosophy and commitment at Privilage Foundation to maintain a spirit of EXCELLENCE in every project we do as a quaranty to the investment of all our sponsors and beneficiaries.



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