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Barend is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Privilege Foundation. The Foundation aims to look after the interest of children; “Feeding the most vulnerable children’s Mind, Soul and Stomach”

He was the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the registered non-profit organization South Africa Day from 2017-2021. An initiative to promote nation-building and a better future. The aim it to inspire all people of the country to participate in building a better South Africa and creating new optimism for the future of the country. The initiative creates the platform for citizens, business and government  to work together to achieve these goals.

Barend served as Deputy CEO of CPG SA (Citizens in Partnership with Government) from 2012-2017 and also served on the board of this non-governmental organization that formed a platform between government and citizens to help create better future for everyone in the country. He represented CPG SA on the Committee of Human Rights (Vulnerable Groups) , on combating racism and xenophobia. Furthermore, he acted as convener of the CPG National Dialogue Forum for the promotion of nation-building, social cohesion and reconciliation.